Food is our Common Ground, a Universal Experience

Food is an ingredient that binds everyone together and a highlight of any holiday vacation. We, at Regency Sealine Camp, thrive to offer the finest dining experience to our guests with our succulent dishes served in the most enchanting ambience. From romantic candlelight dinners and brunch dates to fine dining with family or group dinners, we have you covered with different options as per your convenience. Dining is subject to availability; hence, guests are requested to book 48 hours prior to their arrival.


Enjoy Fascinating

Lunch Scenes

At noon, in the shade of a hand-woven canopy, relish the finest delicacies including meat skewers accompanied by a variety of daily salads, baked bread, exotic beverages and fresh mocktails. Beside a selection of desserts, we also serve fresh seasonal fruits with the essential and inimitable local mint tea.


Witness Mesmerizing

Dinner Palette

Stimulate your appetite with the best and the most exotic dishes served in an alluring setting. Each evening, our expert chefs prepare a variety of international, Asian and Arabic dishes for all guests. Guests can dine together around a communal table or request for a private dinner setting to enjoy an intimate candle-lit evening.

Do not hesitate to mention a specific allergy in advance; we will try our best to accommodate you.


For any corporate events or large groups feel free to email our team on

and we will be more than happy to assist you